Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Your Youth Organization

Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My School

Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My School

Approximate Course Time:

“Enough!” is a one-hour online course that learners can choose to take in one session or three shorter 20-minute modules. Closed captions are available.

Course Format:

While the problem of child sexual abuse is disturbing, the course is positive and hopeful in tone and approach. It makes it clear that schools that build their knowledge and strengthen their practices in this important area of child protection can enhance their leadership and reputation in the community as safe havens where children can learn, thrive, and succeed.

The curriculum co-developers integrated cutting-edge findings on the essential elements of effective and engaging e-learning. "Enough!" avoids the usual talking heads and slide-reading narrators and instead conveys information through two teacher avatars based on real teachers. Two cases of child sexual abuse are highlighted to address the fears and biases that school personnel report has hindered them from identifying, reporting and preventing child sexual abuse.

The course highlights the latest neuroscience research on the impact of child sexual abuse on learning difficulties, memory deficits, social/emotional learning, academic failure, and long-term physical and mental health.

To reinforce knowledge gains and support ongoing learning, a robust set of prevention resources are included, e.g. downloadable booklets, handouts, videos, etc. Policy resources are made available and can serve as the basis for post-course follow-up discussions among school personnel and administrators.


Three brief knowledge checks are included within the course. A pre- and post-test are provided to measure knowledge gains. A brief evaluation measures self-reported changes in ability to identify and respond to boundary-violating behaviors that can be precursors to sexual abuse and suspected cases or student disclosures. A certificate of proficiency is available for download upon completion of the course. Regular reports are available for school administrators to track overall proficiency scores and completion levels.

How to Purchase:

School administrators and leaders may preview the course for free with no obligation. Licenses are available for system-wide implementation of the course by public schools or districts, private schools, state departments of education, and schools of education.

To request free preview for your leadership team, discuss annual or multi-year licensing, discounts for parent groups, school committee members and trustees, or to explore local funding opportunities, please contact

Individuals such as parents, teachers or community members may also register for the course individually and pay the $20 registration fee by cash or check. You can email us at and mail payment to Massachusetts Citizens for Children (MassKids) at 112 Water St. Suite 204, Boston, MA 02109, and we will give you a promo code to take the course.  

Many thanks for all your efforts to keep children safe!


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