Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Your School

Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My School

“Enough!” is the most comprehensive training course available in the U.S. developed exclusively to meet the specific needs of public and private schools, and to address the challenges they face in preventing child sexual abuse and educator sexual misconduct. The one-hour, online course with available closed captions, provides learners with an engaging and interactive experience.  

Enough! was selected by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2019 for inclusion in its national repository of effective, quality programs and practices in the fields of criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim prevention.  

How to Purchase

School administrators and leaders may preview the course for free with no obligation. Licenses are available for system-wide implementation of the course by public schools or districts, private schools, state departments of education, and schools of education.

To request a free preview for your leadership team, discuss annual or multi-year licensing, or to explore funding opportunities to support implementation of the training program for your school, please contact or call (617) 742-8555.

Interested individuals can also take the course. Contact us at and we will send you a special access link. Your $20 registration fee can be paid by check and sent to MassKids, 112 Water St., Suite 204, Boston, MA 02109.  

Many thanks for all your efforts to keep children safe!

What the Research Tells Us

A randomized-controlled study of teachers in three states published in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (2019) has documented, at the highest levels of statistical significance:

  • Increased learner knowledge about child sexual abuse and its prevention;
  • Ability to identify boundary-violating behaviors that if left unchecked could lead to sexual misconduct or abuse; and
  • Confidence and willingness to report suspected or disclosed cases. 

98.4% of learners indicated they would recommend the course to their colleagues. 

Who Should Take the Course?

Public and private school teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, counselors, school resource officers, coaches, office personnel, transportation providers, food service workers, security guards, and custodians, as well as parents, school volunteers, and Parent Teacher Organization and School Committee members will all benefit from this course. 

More About Enough!

While the problem of child sexual abuse is disturbing, the course is positive and hopeful in tone and approach. It makes clear that schools that build their knowledge and strengthen their practices in this important area of child protection can enhance their leadership and reputation in the community as safe havens where children can learn, thrive, and succeed.

"Enough!" avoids the usual talking heads and slide-reading narrators and instead conveys information through two teacher avatars based on real teachers. Two scenarios of child sexual abuse are highlighted to address the fears and biases that school personnel report have hindered them from identifying, reporting and preventing child sexual abuse.

The course highlights the latest neuroscience research on the impact of child sexual abuse on cognitive learning, memory deficits, social/emotional learning, academic failure, and long-term physical and mental health.

To reinforce knowledge gains and support ongoing learning, a robust set of downloadable prevention resources, including booklets, handouts, videos, etc. are available. A Policy Guide is also included that can serve as the basis for later follow-up discussions among school personnel and administrators. 


Three knowledge checks are included within the course. A pre- and post-test are provided to measure knowledge gains. An optional post-viewing evaluation measures learner satisfaction, as well as self-reported changes in ability to identify and respond to suspected cases or student disclosures. A certificate of proficiency is available for download upon completion of the course. Data reports are available for school administrators to track overall proficiency scores and completion levels.

Course Developers

Jetta Bernier, MA is a child abuse prevention advocate with over 30 years of experience in program development, training, community organizing, and policy advocacy. She is executive director of MassKids, a 60-year old private, statewide child advocacy organization that serves as the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

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Pamela Jay Shime, JD, MA is a graduate of Stanford University’s School of Education where she received her Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology. Pam helped incorporate evidence-based and cutting-edge learning theory and e-learning design principles into the Enough! online course. Currently, she is a Research Associate at Stanford Psychiatry's Early Life Stress Lab where she researches the neurological and epigenetic effects of childhood trauma and the ways in which those effects inhibit capacity to learn and healthy development.  

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